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"Anxious Annie in the creative moment"




Anxious Annie is an Original, Heavy Alternative Band from Orange County CA. Founded in June 2017 by Guitarist Mike Possum and Vocalist Louie D. Anxious Annie brings a driving, aggressive approach through their melding of West Coast Metal riffs and Punk Rock arrangements with a classic East Coast Hip-Hop vibe. This combination creates a uniquely electric performance that is full of melody and power which captivates the listener and leaves them wanting more. Anxious Annie has performed all over Southern California as well as Arizona and Las Vegas. With over 75 live shows since Feb 2018. Anxious Annie is leaving its mark on the local music scene.


Louie D - Vocals
Mike Possum - Guitar
Zack Zamost - Guitar
Freddy Al-Hajj - Bass
Dave Goode - Drums